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PATV Women in Technology Open House – FREE Program!

PATV has a new offering for you!

If you would like to attend our Open House on June 20, 2019 
from 5pm – 7pm,  please RSVP to info@patv.org.

Contact Erica Bradley at ebradley@patv.org for
further information on Women in Technology at PATV.


PATV would like to extend a special thank you to Michelle Schimel for all of her support to the Women in Technology Project throughout the years and wish her good luck on her future endeavors.

On PATV TeenTV set are participating teens, Girl Scout Troup #536, Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel and PATV Executive Director Shirley Ann Bruno.

On PATV TeenTV set are participating teens, Girl Scout Troup #536, Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel and PATV Executive Director, Emeritus, Shirley Ann Bruno.



Women in Technology is an exciting project developed by the Public Access Television Corporation to bring women from our communities together to produce innovative television programs. At the Public Access Television studio, members learn to operate video equipment, create, direct, and edit shows to be aired on PATV.

“Women in Technology” has produced over 25 programs on PATV. Their programs have won national and regional awards.

Open Meetings: Come to the PATV studio to learn and produce great local programs!

When: Daytime and Evening Meetings call for specific dates/times

Where: PATV Studio, 1111 Marcus Ave. LL27

For more information please contact Erica Bradley, PATV Executive Director at ebradley@patv.org or 516-629-3710 ext. 12




Are We Over-Programming Our Children?
Public Access TV’s “Women in Technology” project’s first call – in program, taped LIVE.  This on-air round table discussion focused on this important topic. Are we, as a society, putting too much pressure on our children?

Extraordinary Women – “Women in Journalism”
This is the second program in the Women in Technology series “Extraordinary Women”. Host Wendy Karpel Kreitzman ( Editor of the Great Neck Record) interviewed Eileen Brennan, ( past Editor of the Manhasset Press). Ms Kreitzman talked to Ms. Brennan about her career as the Editor of the Manhasset Press. Some of the current participants in PATV’s “Women in Technology” project were the crew for this program.

Extraordinary Women  – “Women in Broadcast News”
This is an informative interview by Candace Cohen of professional Shirley Wershba, who was a former producer of CBS shows “60 Minutes”, “CBS Reports”, “McNeil/Lehrer Report”, and was featured in the academy award nominated movie “Good Night and Good Luck” portrayed by actress Patricia Clarkson, gives the viewer insightful information on the topic.  The program is the third in PATV’s “Women in Technology” series “Extraordinary Women”.  Crew for this program consisted of the other “Women in Technology” Workshop attendees.

For more information about these programs and the Women in Technology Project, Please contact:  Erica Bradley at 516-629-3710 ext. 12 or ebradley@patv.org

These programs are in part through the generous support from Astoria Federal and New York State Grants from Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel.