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Since 1996, The Playwrights Project has produced and cablecast 28 original one – act plays including a behind the scenes documentary.  The productions  are the competition winners of the annual Playwrights contest.  This project was created by the late Norman Hall, former PATV Board member and professional TV and stage director.  Two winning plays will be Cablecast on Public Access Television, Channel 20 (Optimum) and Channel 37 (Verizon) as well as other Public Access stations nationally.  Plays will be available “on demand” through the PATV website and accessible on-line.  The guidelines for submissions are as follows:  Original, Fifteen minutes in length, limited to three or four characters and one set – no children.  $5.00 entry fee per submission. Limit 2 entries per playwrightScripts will not be returned.  Winners are announced at www.patv.org. Submit typed manuscript to:

Play Marquis Showcase 2014

On Sunday, October 18, 2015 at the Great Neck Bowtie Squire Theater, PATV held the “Playwrights Showcase” premiere of the winning productions for 2015: “Stage Whispers” by Donna Hoke and “Never Look Up Your Nose at an Angel from Brooklyn” by Norman Hall.

The Public Access Television Corporation – ATT: “Playwrights” Competition, 1111 Marcus Avenue, Suite LL-27, Lake Success, NY 11042 or email to info@patv.org. Prize is a professional television production of the play and $100.00 for each winning play.
This project is supported in part by North Shore Community Arts Council, Astoria Bank, and viewer donations.

PATV is currently accepting new entries.

Winners for 2016 are: “The White Chalet” by Al Meglin and “I Can See You” by Norman Hall


 The Playwrights Project airs every Wednesday at 5pm and Thursday at 9:30pm on Channel 20, (Optimum) and Channel 37, (Verizon)

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On set of “Stage Whispers” by Donna Hoke – Standing (L to R): Mike Peters, Chen Zou, Jason Hodge, Kimberly Gould, Barbara Morrell, Rebecca Farina, Stefanie Hall, Harold Mejias, Shirley Ann Bruno, Erica Bradley. Seated (L to R): Norman Hall, Marcelo Mendez and Fanchon Scheier

On set of “Never Look Up Your Nose at an Angel from Brooklyn” standing (L to R): Mike Peters, Jason Hodge, Shirley Ann Bruno, Bob Schaufeld, Barbara Morrell, Charles Wagner IV, Chen Zou, Mark Muscaro, Marcelo Mendez. Seated (L to R): Nikki Lauren, Norman Hall and Erica Bradley.