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Monthly Highlights October 2015:

New Programs:

“North Shore News”

“Great Neck Plaza Summer Concert Series, 2015”

“100 Year Celebration of Great Neck’s Troop #10”

“Stage Whispers” by Donna Hoke and “Never Look Up Your Nose at an Angel from Brooklyn” by Norman Hall

“Something to Talk About” – “Yakety-Yak, Please Talk Back” Pet Peeves conversation with guests Jackie Becker and Peter Suchmann.  

“Senior Moments – The Happy Ones!” – Great Neck Artists Shula Mustacchi and Marion Gerrick Cohen present their art work.

“The Grace Grella Show” Episodes #810 #811  Guests and callers receive positive, intuitive information from psychic/medium host Grace Grella.

Encore Programs:

“World War II Veterans Stories” 1-19

“Columbus Day Programming”

“Crypt of the Public Domain” – First Place winner in the ACM-NE Regional Hometown Media Awards, Producer/Host Michael Peters, Co-host Karen Miller.



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