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July 20, 2017 by G Grella

PATV is proud to announce that two board members are celebrating service milestones in July and August 2017.

Since July 7, 1997, Elliot S. Rosenblatt has served on the PATV Board of Directors representing his Village of Great Neck, making this year his 20th Anniversary with 16 of those years to date served as Board Treasurer.

In August, Robert M. Schaufeld will be on the PATV Board of Directors for 16 years, representing his Village of Thomaston and this year is his 10th Anniversary of serving as President of the PATV Board of Directors.

PATV congratulates both Robert and Elliot on their milestone Anniversaries of serving the community through our non profit organization.

PATV has been a window to the community through media since 1984 and is proud to bring quality, award winning programming to the residents of the fifteen incorporated villages of Nassau County on channels 20 (Optimum) and 37 (Verizon) streaming from patv.org/livestream and our Facebook platform: PATV – Long Island.


Elliot S. Rosenblatt, PATV Treasurer

Elliot S. Rosenblatt, PATV Board Treasurer

Robert M. Schaufeld, PATV Board President

Robert M. Schaufeld, PATV Board President

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