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February Workshops at PATV 

Want to learn TV Production and/or Digital Editing?  PATV is holding workshops in February for both skill sets. How about special effects using green screen?  We’ve got that too! All workshops are FREE for PATV members! (Just go to our membership page)

PATV Fall Instructors (L to R): Mike Peters, Marcelo Mendez (TV production) and Rebecca Farina (digital editing).

PATV Instructors (L to R): Mike Peters, Marcelo Mendez (TV production) and Rebecca Farina (digital editing).

TV Studio workshops will be held on  Thursdays February 2nd, 9th and 16th from 6:30-9:30pm.  Special effects/green screen will be held on Monday, February 6 and Tricaster Digital Editing on Monday, February 13th – both classes from 6:30-9:30pm.

All workshops are held at the PATV studio facility located at 1111 Marcus Avenue, Suite LL-27, Lake Success, NY 11042.

Interested?   Email info@patv.org for further information.

 There needs to be a minimum of four people per class to schedule a date and time. Please email info@patv.org with your contact information and class interest.


516-629-3710 EXT 12 OR ebradley@patv.org

Studio Workshop Schedule:

Contact Erica Bradley for schedule information: ebradley@patv.org



Karen Miller, Women in Technology

Karen Miller, Women in Technology



Women in Technology is an exciting project developed by the Public Access Television Corporation to bring women from our communities together to produce innovative television programs. At the Public Access Television studio, members learn to operate video equipment, create, direct, and edit shows to be aired on PATV. “Women in Technology” has produced over 25 programs on PATV. Their programs have won national and regional awards. Come to the PATV studio to learn and produce great local programs!


When: Meetings will begin in the Spring!

Where: PATV studio
1111 Marcus Ave. LL27 (directions at www.patv.org)
For more information please contact Erica Bradley at ebradley@patv.org
or 516-629-3710 ext. 12


(L to R): Josh Tehrani and Isabella Malfi with PATV Teen TV

(L to R): Josh Tehrani and Isabella Malfi with PATV Teen TV


High School Workshop (Part of PATV’s Youth Project – Teen TV)

Studio Workshop for students who are interested in creating programming for Channel 20. This course is a pre-requisite for utilizing PATV facilities in order to produce programming and to crew in the studio. Class participants will be instructed on studio equipment: cameras, audio, switcher, titling, lighting, and special effects. The responsibilities of the Director, Technical Director, Audio Operator, Assistant Director and Floor Manager are discussed. After the class, you can produce your own shows or crew for other Public Access Producers.

  Interested in participating?  Contact Mike Peters: mpeters@patv.org



Studio Workshop:

TV Studio Production Workshops are being offered for community residents interested in participating in programming for the Public Access channel. The course will cover instruction in the use of studio equipment, cameras, audio, switcher, titling, lighting and special effects. Also, the responsibilities of the director, technical director, audio operator, assistant director and floor manager will be explained including the use of technical terms.  This course is a pre-requisite for utilizing PATV facilities in order to produce programming for PATV Channel. Class participants must reside in the incorporated villages. Please call before registering if you have a schedule conflict with one of the dates.


Studio Workshop for Not-for-Profit Organizations:

Each NPO that serves our community can have employees/volunteers of the organization participate in PATV workshops. These employees/volunteers will create/produce programming only for their sponsoring organization. If interested, they can also assist other PATV volunteers on their productions. However, if they are village residents (of the 15 incorporated villages) they can also produce programs independently.
Materials fee for a Studio Workshop is $50 per individual participant paid by the NPO. This fee includes membership for the NPO in PATV for one year. All organizations must be members of PATV in order to use the facilities and equipment. All programs produced by the NPO must cablecast on PATV prior to cablecasting on other stations.
The first workshop is a studio workshop and needs a registration of 6-10 participants. The course covers information as explained in the video workshop brochure. Specific information for the group can be discussed with the Executive Director and Course instructor. Advanced courses in remote equipment and editing can be arranged. The Studio workshop is a pre-requisite for all PATV courses.


Remote Equipment Workshop:

Learn how to use our remote equipment (cameras, audio, lighting) to shoot on location.


Editing Workshops:

Learn how to edit!  PATV has multiple editing applications to work on.